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e-Flau! is a DJ from Lille, in the North of France.

From an early age he is rocked by the music of the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2 and former rock bands. His attraction to music only increased from year to year until 2005, when he bought his first turntables.


Strongly influenced by Joachim Garraud, David Guetta or Armand Van Helden he made his classes by mixing in Lille student parties.

Then comes the world of radio and its weekly mix (at present, his podcast Dancefloor 2000, broadcast throughout France on the FM band, has exceeded 74,000 downloads).

Where to find e-Flau !?


On the internet, on the FM band and the webradios! Indeed, in more than 10 years of existence, his podcast Dancefloor2000, best of Dance from 2000s has won internationally, the bar of 70,000 downloads has been crossed recently.

This weekly one-hour mix is ​​also broadcast weekly on 12 FM radios and 20 webradios for the only 2018-2019 season in France.

You can follow his daily news via social networks: facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, youtube ....

Summits Records / Ducosphere

e-Flau! - Where are you going 2k19 600x6


Nouveau  remix de e-Flau!  avec "WHERE ARE YOU GOING"

Promo : Summits Records

Label : Summits Records / Ducosphere / Believe Digital

Available exclusive on Beatport 22.03.19