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Brian Owens - "Soul of Cash"

All about finding common ground. 

It seems odd at first glance. A soul singer doing a covers album of Johnny Cash songs? However, something about this combination - Brian Owens' doing stirring soul covers of Johnny Cash tunes go so well together. 

We've always thought, if you do a cover make it sound like a brand new song. These tracks you will hear on Soul of Cash are a refreshing take on some of Cash's most well known songs, such as "Folsom Prison Blues" & "Ring of Fire." 

It was the 2005 movie “Walk the Line” that made Owens open his eyes to Cash. One scene in the movie, in which Cash plays music on the porch while his wife complains about bills, resonated with him, as did Cash attempting to get signed by Sun Records."

“When I told people I was doing a Johnny Cash project, they’d give me a blank stare,” he says. “But for me to be drawn to Johnny Cash is not a stretch. I listen to all of his stuff because it comes from the same place. It takes me to church. It takes me down home.”

- Melvin Dillon 7/25/18

Artist Brian Owens - "Soul of Cash"(Black Vinyl) : http://www.soulsteprecords.com/ssr039/

Brian Owens Website : http://brianowenssoul.com/

Brian Owens Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/brianowenssoul/

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