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R.I.P Coolio Peace

Sad day today... I had the chance to collaborate with Coolio a few years ago, an artist and a creative spirit that I appreciated Have a nice trip...

Journée triste aujourd'hui.. R.I.P J'ai eu la chance de collaborer avec Coolio il y a quelques années de distance un artiste et un esprit créatif que j'ai apprécié Bon Voyage...

Let's stop beating ourselves up, let's try to be a little closer to others.. Let's stop dividing ourselves, we're all human... We are only passing through and try to make our passage as best as possible. It was not a friend but a working relationship a few years ago... And some people mark you more than others Coolio marked me by his help and always understanding the other.. Just a good guy.. rest in peace

“There is something stronger than death, it's the presence of the absent, in the memory of the living…” Jean d'Ormesson.


“Il y a quelque chose de plus fort que la mort, c'est la présence des absents, dans la mémoire des vivants…” Jean d'Ormesson.

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