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Stephane Desserouer is a Passionate musician

Stephane Desserouer joined the Summits Records label in 2021.

Stephane Desserouer in a few words a complete artist, he is an independent

author, composer and performer.

has worked in the world of music for more than 20 years, he has acquired over the years a very good experience in different fields

(writing, musical creation, concert organization, EP recording).

Stephane Desserouer his style is very varied, in live the style is very acoustic guitar / voice / Percussion but in these creations it goes up to modern pop, Chillout music, Ambiance, Jazz ...

Last concert to date Part 1 of Vanupié on September 12, 2020.

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Zeek - Evening Mystery Vol1 - 600x600.jpg
ZEEK - Birds Song 600x600.jpg
ZEEK & Melody General - In The Darkness  600x600.jpg
Zeek & Melody General - Better Day 600x600.jpg
ZEEK - Follow Your Light
ZEEK & Mélody Général–Let Me Groove It
ZEEK By Stéphane Desserouer -  Wind Of Jazz
Zeek & Melody Général ft Han-Akin - I Can t Stand